Pet Wellness & Prevention

Regular nose-to-tail wellness exams, early detection, and age-specific assessments help keep your pet healthy.

Many animals are good at hiding signs that something is wrong, so subtle changes in their health or behavior might be overlooked without preventive care.

At West Denver Veterinary Hospital & Wellness, our treatment philosophy is aimed at prevention with early diagnosis and treatment. We would love to partner with you in helping your pet live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Related Services

Keeping your pet healthy has never been easier.

Dental Care

Is your pet experiencing bad breath or excessive drooling? Just like humans, pets need regular dental care and cleanings. Good dental care plays a crucial role in the quality of your pet's life. Dental disease is the most common medical problem seen in pets and can lead to pain, tooth loss, and generalized disease. We offer routine dental care including exams, x-rays, teeth cleaning, and more.

Baths & Nail Trims

Do you need help with giving your pet's nails and fur their usual maintenance and TLC? Our staff is trained and experienced in helping to put your pet at ease for a sudsy bath and a maintenance nail trim to help support healthy nail growth and prevent ingrowns. A clean coat and well-kept nails will help keep your pet comfortable and happy.

Please Note: Same-day appointments available!